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Greek Treasury

Within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, just to the south of the Chapel of Adam sits the Greek Treasury. In this room, the Greek Orthodox Church keeps some of its most valuable relics, including the relic of the True Cross. Though the room is typically closed, entrance to the room is accessed through a door to the right when facing the Chapel of Adam.


The Greek Treasury has some lavish cabinets located in the room to store those things that the church sees as valuable. But, the most elaborate thing in the room is where the Relic of the True Cross is kept. An incredibly intricate silver plated frame has the image of two monarchs reaching out and touching a gold cross that has an emblem of another cross laid on top of it. All of that is on a gold-colored background. The frame is broad and impressive and rests at an angle. Above the frame is a silver-plated two-headed eagle, the emblem of the Byzantine Empire and the Greek Orthodox Church. Candle holders stick out from behind the eagle figure. Each head of the eagle is adorned with a crown and ribbons flow from behind the eagle heads. The ribbons rise to hold another central crown. The silver makes the entire piece stand out. A royal red cloth covers from the bottom of the frame down to the floor.

The rest of the room is filled with the cabinets that are crafted from beautiful wood. Other artwork hangs on the walls. The floor is a red-tinted marble tile.


The Greek Orthodox Church seems to take pride in the fact that it has more control over the Church of the Holy Sepulcher than any of the other churches that have access to and control over different parts of the church. Further, the excitement over the Relic of the True Cross cannot be overstated. The Greek Church maintains that this is a legitimate piece of the actual cross on which Jesus died. If this is true, all of Christianity would appreciate the special nature that the relic has. Though most Christians do not need to see the actual cross since the relationship with Christ is based on faith in what Jesus has accomplished through His death on Calvary, His burial in a now empty tomb, and His resurrection as He conquered the power of death and the grave so that a sinful mankind can be reconciled back to the Father who created them. But, the faith that is required for salvation can be encouraged by things like touring and worshipping in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher because it allows for the reflection that draws a child of God closer to the Lord through a meaningful experience. So, it can be with the Relic of the True Cross. Believers can be encouraged in their faith as they contemplate the depth of the meaning found in the cross of Christ. The Greek Orthodox Church realizes the effect that can have on followers of Christ.

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