pop pray on the stone of anointing in the church of the holy sepulchre Jerusalem 

The Best Christmas Gifts 2019 Under 100 $

Many Christians dream of taking the journey to Jerusalem to see the Holy Land and experience a connection with the basis of their faith. Those who have visited Jerusalem generally do feel a stronger and more personal connection to the Holy Land, Jesus, and Christianity. While few people can afford such an amazing journey, there is another way to provide a more personal connection to the Holy Land. Holy Sepulchre Gifts strives to provide that personal connection to Christians who are unable to travel to the Holy Land through jewelry that is blessed at the Stone of the Anointing.

The jewelry crafted by Holy Sepulchre Gifts are placed on the Stone of the Anointing and blessed. It is the same Stone of the Anointing where Jesus was prepared for burial. There are several choices of crosses and pendants in gold or silver. Whether you are shopping for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, confirmation of faith, or wedding party; a father, sister, partner, or friend; Holy Sepulchre jewelry is a gift of personal connection to Christ. What could be more amazing than a personal gift connecting them to their faith that costs less than $100?

One particularly dynamic piece is the Power Cross Necklace, a cylindrical pendant that contains a miniature yet complete Holy Bible, a citrine crystal (to attract success), a blue crystal (to protect from the evil eye), and other secret items from the Kabbalah. These items will energize and protect the bearer through their walk through life. The gold version of the Power Cross Necklace is $68, and the silver Power Cross Necklace is $58 and comes with your choice of a 19.7” or 23.6” chain.

Here are some of the other options available at www.holysepulchre.gift:  

  • Suitable for any Christian on your list, the classic Gold Cross Necklace crafted in 14K gold on a 19.7” chain for $62 is sure to please.

  • Additional choices for women of all ages are a variety of small to larger designs such as the Cubic Zirconia Heart Necklace for $45; the Garnet Choker Necklace for $62; Silver Cross Necklace adorned with cubic zirconia for $58; Shell Cross Necklace for $49; or the Limited Edition Cross Necklace, a showpiece with a silver cross inside a gold oval shaped ‘window’ highlighted with a red or blue stone above the cross for $92.

  • Perfect options for those of the Catholic faith beyond the choices above are the unique Jesus, Saint Benedict, or the Virgin Mary pendant necklace for only $38.

While you could buy any cross or pendant as a gift, imagine how special they’ll feel receiving jewelry from you that connects them to their faith and was specially blessed at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Their necklace will be treasured for years, and perhaps passed down to generations to come.

Each piece of jewelry comes gift wrapped with a blessing certificate. So, if you haven’t already, click on the item links above, or explore www.holysepulchre.gifts and find that perfect gift today!